North American Association of Educational Negotiators

47th Annual NAEN Conference

Together Towards Tomorrow:

Meeting the Challenges Associated with Employee and Labor Relations

Hotel Valley Ho, Scottsdale, Arizona

March 13-16, 2016   


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Keynote speakers will include:                            


Sunday p.m. Keynote


"Tales from the Front: Best Practices for Effective School District Crisis Communications." 

By Holly Bartecki, Senior Vice President, Creative and Strategic Development, Jasculca Terman Strategic Communications. 


Ms. Bartecki's keynote presentation will share her experiences and insights on best (and worse) practices in crisis communications from her roles as a school board member, community college communications officer and agency consultant. Entertaining and practical, this keynote will provide both food for thought and tactical tips to inform our members ability to support school district crisis communication planning and management.

Monday a.m. Keynote



"Improving Student Achievement Through Collective Bargaining." 

By Adam Urbanski, President, Rochester Teachers Association  

Mr. Urbanski's keynote presentation will be to make a case for labor-management collaboration and for responsible and responsive negotiations aimed at improving schools, teaching and especially learning. Mr. Urbanski will also describe the innovation of de-centralized (school-level) bargaining and related experience with such an approach.



Tuesday a.m. Keynote

"Top 20s Know How to See Things Differently: The Frame."

By Willow Sweeney, co-founder of Top 20 Training that provides training and materials to empower leaders, teachers, parents and students to  develop their potential. Her work with schools and businesses focuses on developing more effective workplace teams and cultures.


Ms. Sweeney’s keynote training focuses on the four components of how The Frame helps people understand why they are getting the results they are getting out of life: (1) the tendency we have to blame others when we are not getting the results er desire, (2) how our 'need to be right' activates blame, (3) how curiosity helps us to get better results, and (4) what we can do to see more or differently.         

Wednesday a.m. Keynote

"The Balancing Act: Balancing Your Home and Work Life."

By Dick O'Brien, a professional speaker and a consultant in human relations. He has held senior management positions in government and business. Mr. O'Brien has been assisting corporations, school boards, hospitals and police departments with issues of stress, wellness, counseling and leadership.

Mr. O'Brien's keynote address will focus on maintaining the effectiveness level of the employee at work by empowering them at home. Mr. O'Brien will  explore the underlying cause of lack of balance: i) the gradual erosion of priorities, ii) the illusion of someone else in control and iii) the inability to focus on action. A major problem today is juggling time, energy and priorities into the balance between home and work life. Balance is difficult for all people but when a reasonable balance is not maintained, serious personal problems result.

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